Busch launch new VacControl vacuum gauge

The new VacControl vacuum gauge from Busch is a completely new way of measuring the vacuum level directly within the vacuum packaging and of monitoring and documenting the measured data online. VacControl constantly checks packaging integrity and records and archives the results.

The VacControl gauge is simply placed in the packaging alongside the product contents prior to processing. This is possible on all vacuum packing machines, without interrupting production. As the air within the packaging is evacuated, the VacControl automatically records the pressure profile with 1,500 individual values. During packaging, these values can be remotely transmitted to a computer via Bluetooth and presented as a graph on the computer. The times between the individual measurements can be varied and thus be optimally adapted to the packaging process. 1500 individual measurements can be spread out over a period of up to five hours, checked and documented. Thereby even the smallest leaks in the packaging will be detected.

VacConnect software allows the pressure profile to be simply displayed graphically on a PC. These graphs can be saved as Excel files and their presentation can be individually optimised using the extended graphics features on VacConnect. Up to ten VacControl gauges can be separately operated by one PC. The memory feature allows for the measured data of up to ten graphs to be stored in VacControl and later transmitted to a PC.

The VacControl gauge is robust and withstands temperature and humidity. It fits into every vacuum package thanks to its compact dimensions. With a measuring range of 1mbar(a) to atmospheric pressure, VacControl covers the entire pressure range of the evacuation process during packaging. Measurements can be made in millibar, Torr and PSI.

The units used can subsequently be changed on the PC using VacConnect. VacControl’s simple operation allows vacuum within packaging to be checked in short cycles and therefore packaging quality is constantly monitored and documented.

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